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An inexpensive way to travel through Switzerland.

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There are a variety of Swiss passes to choose from each offering discounts tailored for your intermarry. The Swiss Railpass provides you with a choice of consecutive day travel within the Swiss rail network. You can choose from 4, 8, 15, or 21 consecutive travel days. This is pass is perfect for people who plan on doing frequent rail travel in a short amount of time.

The Saverpass is similar to the Swiss Pass however it offers an added discount to groups of two or more traveling together. Travel days on the Saverpass are the same consecutive options as with the Swiss Pass.

The Swiss Flexipass offers a selection of unlimited travel within a 1 month period. Purchase additional rail days for longer trips and have the flexibility to use travel days only when you require rail travel.

The Saver Flexipass is simply the Swiss Flexipass that offers an added discount to groups of 2 or more people traveling together at all times. Purchase additional rail days for longer trips.

For other travel options in Switzerland check out the Switzerland 'n Austria pass or the France 'n Switzerland Pass. For travel in 3 or more countries try our Eurail Select Pass where you can choose any 3 connecting countries to travel at a great price.

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